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Foam Slitting

The horizontal slitting machines installed are able to process blocks of flexible foam and sponge, both open and closed cell and manufacture sheets of the required thickness.



Our adhesive coating and laminating facility is equipped with specialist machinery enabling us to deal with the varied production demands that are placed upon us.



The comprehensive selection of specialist production machinery installed includes reciprocating and rotary die-cutting presses for the manufacture of gaskets, seals, and die-cut and "kiss-cut" components in a wide range of sealing, noise control, shock/vibration absorbing, electrical insulating and RFI/EMI materials.



The sub-assembly processes that we carry out involve mainly the application of self-adhesive, die-cut components, of our own manufacture, to plastic injection moulded components or metal pressings.


CNC Turning

For the manufacture of precision machined components in engineering plastics, typically sealing components, bearings and bushes, we have installed a range of CNC lathes. With this capacity we are able to satisfy a wide variety of production requirements - from prototype parts to volume manufacture.


Dynamic Cast Moulding of Engineering Plastics

The Dynamic Cast Moulding System (DCMS®), a novel process allowing production of semi-finished, Near-net-Shape tubes in high performance engineering plastics, such as PEEK . Technically, one of the most significant advantages is the reduction in moulding stresses using this revolutionary process.