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Protective Packaging

The Packaging Division provides precision fabricated foam packaging to the electronics, automotive and engineering sectors. The types of material processed include Polyurethane foams in Anti-Static or High Load Bearing grades, Cross-Linked & Non-Cross-linked Polyethylene.


Gaskets and Seals

We carry a wide variety of gasket materials to suit applications as diverse as Steam Pipe-Line Gaskets to Environmental Seals for electronic enclosures. We are a Sales Associate for the PORON® range of materials manufactured by Rogers Corporation of the USA and are a Preferred Converter for the wide range of closed cell elastomers manufactured by the RBX Corporation of the USA


Noise Control

We carry extensive stocks of noise control materials which we can supply in sheet or roll form. Our material range can be applied to provide a solution for both original equipment and in-plant noise problems.


Shock and Vibration Control

These materials are applied to reduce the vibration in panels, typically machinery casings, where it is the vibrating panel that is producing the noise, or as a cushion to prevent shock being transmitted to delicate components. We are a Sales Associate for the PORON® Urethane and BISCO™ Silicone range of materials from the Rogers Corporation of the US


EMI/RFI Gaskets

We can supply gaskets in either conductive elastomers or wrapped in conductive fabric for use in EMI/RFI applications. We can also supply composites of metallic foils laminated to insulation films for use in shielding applications.


Thermal Products

Our high performance thermal interface materials provide engineers, designers and manufacturers with the ability to create equipment that runs cooler and more reliably.


Engineering Plastics

We carry extensive stocks of engineering plastic materials including PTFE, PPS (Ryton®) and PEEK in filled and un-filled grades. Fillers such as glass, carbon or graphite are typically added to improve mechanical properties.


These materials can provide some of the best characteristics for the required combinations of low friction, resilience, chemical inertness and high temperature performance. The alloying of these plastics with serve to further develop these characteristics.