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Utilising CNC machining techniques we manufacture components in a wide range of fluoropolymers and other high performance engineering plastics including PTFE, PPS (Ryton®) and PEEK. We carry extensive stocks of these plastic materials which can provide some of the best characteristics for the required combinations of low friction, resilience, chemical inertness and high temperature performance. The alloying of these plastics with fillers such as glass, carbon or graphite will serve to further develop these characteristics.


Caledonian Industries (CIL) have invested a significant sum in the development and installation of the Caltrex® PEEK,  Dynamic Cast Moulding System® (DCMS). A novel process allowing for little or no annealing in addition to shorter production cycles and cost efficient, Near-net-Shape production. Technically, one of the most significant advantages is the reduction in moulding stresses using CIL's revolutionary DCMS®. Grades available in the Caltrex® range include; Unfilled, Glass Filled, Carbon Fibre Filled and Low Friction (Bearing Grade).


By carefully reviewing the properties of the base polymers and filler materials it is possible to develop a material whose specification best meets the technical requirements of your application. We would welcome the opportunity to review your particular application and provide assistance as to the identification of the most suitable material combination.