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Polyurethane foam can be formulated to give high load-bearing properties. These formulations give optimum protection in various packaging applications from computer disk drives to medical ventilators. Polyurethane foam can also be formulated to give anti-static properties for use in electronic packaging.




Polyethylene foams are closed-cell construction and available in non or cross-linked forms. They are a tough, flexible and resilient packaging material which can also be thermoformed into simple and complex shapes. Polyethylene foams can also be supplied with either fire-retardant or anti-static properties. Their closed-cell construction gives resistance to fluid absorption. Polyethylene foam is suitable for protection of high volume delicate goods weighing several kilograms or more.


medical3.jpgMedical Packaging

Caledonian Industries Ltd has been a long time kitting/assembly and manufacturing partner of Inmark in Scotland. Caledonian support Inmark through storage, kit assembly and distribution of goods as part of global solutions into the Scottish market.


Inmark is one of the largest global suppliers of Clinical Specimen Packaging Solutions. In addition they have developed and validated a wide range of Dry Ice Shippers, 2c-8c Refrigerated Solutions and 15c-25c controlled ambient.


Caledonian works with Inmark to provide a global presence to give a true global reach and allows supply with globally harmonized and validated temperature controlled solutions.