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Shock and Vibration Control


Typical Uses:

  • Damping
  • Isolation
  • Shock Protection

Vibration Damping

Where sound is being transmitted through panels, ducting or industrial flooring, there are methods available to reduce the levels of vibration. These can range from simple self-adhesive or magnetic damping pads, for thin sheet installations, to more complex constrained layer systems for thick plate applications.



Where components or assemblies are susceptible to the effects of vibration, or indeed are the source of the vibration, they can be effectively isolated from the surrounding structure by mounting on an energy absorbing material such as PORON®. PORON® is a microcellular urethane foam with impressive compression-set properties and is available in a number of formulations to suit most applications. Should the installation be subjected to higher temperatures, there is also the Silicone based BISCOTM range of materials.


Shock Protection

Often, portable electronic equipment needs to be protected internally against the shock effects created when dropped. As with isolation systems, a PORON® component between the case and the component to be protected will effectively absorb the energy generated in the fall.