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Foam Fabrication & Assembly

Caledonian Industries are a UK industry leader in foam fabrication & assembly and have the capability to fabricate Polyurethane foam and Polyethylene foam to create structural parts.

The outcome is a cost effective, light weight, functional part manufactured to customers requirements. We only use materials from industry approved suppliers and our partnerships enable us to offer a wide range of high performance sponge, foams, fabrics and rubber materials.

We will also advise the best product, high performance material and most environment solution that suits your specific application and assembly process.

Caledonian Industries

Foam Fabrication Products


Caledonian Industries

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam is a lightweight, inexpensive, and durable foam with many applications. Convoluted (egg crate) foam, cushioned packaging, gaskets, filters, sponges, seating, mattresses, antistatic applications and sound dampening (acoustic foam) are all examples of Polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foams are clean, non-abrasive, extra strong, and durable. A wide selection of densities and colours are available to choose from to meet your individual needs and ensures your product will be CFC and HCFC free. Packaging grades such as RP21250 is a cost effective light density, high load bearing polyether for general cushioning, display and packaging of products.

Caledonian Industries

Non Cross Linked PE Foam

Non Cross Linked Polyethylene foam comes in 2 forms, fully extruded to finished thickness or extruded to produce thin sheets and then laminated up to finished thickness. Extruded polyethylene is melted, and a gas is injected (usually nitrogen or carbon dioxide). It’s the expansion of the gas that forms the foam, as well as giving it its name. Extruded PE Foam has a closed cell structure and provides robust protection, which is why it’s often used as a packaging material. Non cross linked PE foam is used in a variety of applications, from fragile parts to heavy duty parts. Common applications include electronics protection, defence packaging and many more. In addition to providing excellent protection, these foams are chemical and water resistant and can be recycled in our closed loop system.

Caledonian Industries

Cross Linked PE Foam

Cross Linked Polyethylene foam is a closed-cell polyethylene foam blown with nitrogen in an autoclave. The use of nitrogen (an inert, tasteless, odourless gas) is what gives these products their exceptional properties (water and chemical resistant, high UV light resistance, odourless, flexible, lightweight, and strong) and means that they have an incredibly wide variety of applications in industries such as Sports (for protective clothing/padding), Packaging, Electronics, Aerospace, Healthcare, Construction, Automotive, Industrial and Marine.


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