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EMI/RFI Gaskets

Caledonian Industries supply materials manufactured for performance-critical apllications in wireless and other advanced electronics systems such as Aerospace and Defence.

These market leading materials are widely used in electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding and thermal management products.

Conductive Elastomers
Electrically conductive elastomers provide environmental sealing and excellent mechanical and electromagnetic shielding properties. Conductive elastomers are ideal for applications that demand both environmental sealing and EMI shielding, and can be used in a broad range of applications. We offer a wide variety of conductive filler materials in extruded, molded die-cut formats.

  • Die cut and molded versions available in an infinite array of sizes and shapes
  • Extruded shapes ideal for extremely narrow mounting surfaces
  • Conductive elastomers are available with multiple attachment methods for use in rigorous environments
  • Provides both EMI and environmental sealing
  • Wide variety of material compounds for galvanic compatibility to mounting surfaces.

Gap Filler Product Line
Thermally conductive gap fillers are compliant, future-generation cooling materials. We offer the softest, highest thermally conductive gap fillers available (in thicknesses from 0.2mm to 5.08mm).

These gap filler products afford designers and engineers the most flexibility in dimensional tolerances. Extreme compliancy reduces stress on components, while higher thermal conductivity provides the required thermal performance for next-generation designs.

Caledonian Industries

Caledonian Industries


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