Caledonian Industries


Caledonian Industries are Scotland’s leading manufacturer and supplier of synthetic sponge products. Our products can be found everywhere from workshops and factories to domestic homes.

We produce a wide range of sponges of varying shape, size and density making us the perfect choice no matter your requirements. Typical uses for our sponges includes domestic bath and hygiene sponges, durable industrial, janitorial and car wash sponges as well as sponge for use in the medical sector. We also produce novelty sponges capable of being cut to any shape or size and available in a wide range of colours.

We also supply high density foam for use as filling in children’s soft play products, furniture and upholstering.

Caledonian Industries

Sponge Foam Products


Caledonian Industries

Bath Sponges

We have a full range of personal care sponges in the standard shapes and sizes, in a variety of colours and material combinations - for bath, shower, massage, and more.

Caledonian Industries

Car Sponges

We produce a wide range of sponges suitable for all manner of car cleaning including jumbo sized sponges with high durability and absorbency; safe to use with any brand of wash detergent.

Caledonian Industries

Novelty Sponges

No matter the time of year, there is always an occasion for Novelty Sponges. We can make almost anything you can think of including stars, shamrocks, dinosaurs and even Thor's hammer!


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