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Packaging Foams

With decades of experience in protective cushion packaging, we can design and manufacture custom foam fitments to locate, protect and offer a professional display medium for equipment and products of all types.

Used entensively for cushioned packaging, our expertise ensures expensive products and equipment are protected from damage during storage and transit. Our range of packaging products and foam can provide outstanding anti-scratch and impact protection for a variety of packaging applications from complete case, box and tray inserts to stand alone composite fixtures and individual pads. Protective antistatic and conductive grade foams are also available to overcome the effect of static shocks on sensitive equipment, which can otherwise destroy sensitive electronic components and erase or alter magnetic media.

No matter the size and scope of your business, we are committed to developing a packaging foam solution that works for you, combining both style and practicality to contribute to the best possible representation of your brand and your products.

Caledonian Industries

Our Packaging Foams


Polyurethane Foam


Polyethylene Foam (cross linked)

Zotefoam LD18
Zotefoam LD24
Zotefoam LD29
Zotefoam LD45
Palziv PA30
Palziv PA45

Polyethylene Foam (non-cross linked)

Jiffy Nopaplank

Packaging Foam Products


Caledonian Industries

Flight Cases

Available in lightweight and heavy-duty finishes, our flight cases can be fitted out with a basic or highly complex customised foam infill.

Caledonian Industries

Egg Crate Foam

Egg crate foam is produced from high-cushioning open-cell polyurethane foam and processed to create a surface of peaks and troughs.

Caledonian Industries

Foam Inserts

Custom foam inserts are designed to offer the optimum level of protection in a lightweight, durable form, ensuring that products are protected.


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