Caledonian Industries

Niche Foam Shapes & Profiles

Caledonian Industries combine decades of manufacturing experience with cutting-edge design, to create niche foam shapes and profiles.

We have the in-house capability to provide you with high-performance foam solutions to a wide range of engineering problems, developing and producing repeatable, durable and economically-viable key parts for your process or application - with the added advantage of chemical inertia and heat resistance, if required.

Different Niche Foam Shapes include 2D Foam Components, 3D Foam Parts, Foam Mouldings, Designer Foam Mats and Custom Foam Profiles.

Caledonian Industries

Niche Foam Shape Products


Caledonian Industries

2D Foam Components

We have the in house production resource to fabricate and shape foam into a vast array of 2D foam parts for all manner of industries where foam components and foam parts are needed.

Caledonian Industries

3D Foam Components

We designand manufacture 3D Foam Parts which may involve a combination of fabrication, processes/machining and indeed skilled hand finishing to achieve the desired shape.

Caledonian Industries

Foam Mats

We can make those everyday foam mats for the sports and leisure industry but we also make specialised designer foam mats to our clients' specification, to serve a more niche market.


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