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Our expertise ensures expensive and delicate products and equipment are protected from damage during storage and transit, with materials well suited for the medical field due to their non-toxic, lightweight, and UV-stable properties.

Protective static dissipative foams are also available to overcome the effect of static shocks on sensitive equipment, with the conductive and dissipative characteristics of the foam not affected by environmental humidity and therefore ideally suited for material handling, transportation and storage of sensitive instruments.

Bespoke flight cases in lightweight and heavy-duty finishes can be fitted out with a basic or highly complex customised foam infill to offer the best solution for your needs and budget, or cardboard case, box and tray inserts can be provided to house your protective foam packaging.

We operate a kitting area for assembling medical kits for clinical trials supplied to laboratories worldwide. Within the medical industry we also produce a wide range of sponges of varying shape, size, and density through Foamline (part of our Caledonian Group), including domestic bath and hygiene sponges.


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Caledonian Industries


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